International Negotiator/Mediator

From 1985 through 1998, or for approximately 13 years, I was actively engaged in negotiations in the Soviet Union and its successor states concerning nuclear weapons, matters of war and peace, ethnic cleansing, water, water pollution and processes of interest-based bargaining as a substitute for rights-based resolution or simply declaring war. I have engaged in extended negotiations at the highest levels in the Academy of Sciences in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and with government officials in Baku, Yerevan, Alma Aty and at Issy Kul in Kyrghistan.  Since 2002, I have been most actively engaged in civil society seminars and trainings, building on the writing and perspectives explored in my book: Democracy At The Crossroads. As a result of experiences prosecuting constitutional cases in US federal courts, and as an historian writing and speaking extensively about the sources of a rule-of-law culture, I believe in the capacity of courts and lawyers to advance human rights for both men and women. Because of my facility in Russian and activity over many years within the former Soviet Union I have a great interest to continue work in those intellectual and geographic areas. 

Mediation, facilitation, public processes specialist
Cross-cultural negotiation between FSU and western interests
Environmental Law Specialist, Attorney
War and peace consultations

Trial lawyer with natural resources, property and water law experience, mediator, negotiator, editor and essayist. Competent in Russian, German.

On two USAID contracts, Mr. Barnes conducted 2 separate successful negotiations in 1997, 1998, between governmental delegations from Kazakhstan, Uzbeckistan, Kyrghistan, and Tajickistan concerning water allocations, storage, cost/benefit analyses, and water- hydro-power exchanges on the Naryn Syr Darya River which runs from the Tian Shan mountains to the Aral Sea. These negotiations led to the first multi-lateral, multi-year agreement between the four republics after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He has also lectured to these governmental delegations on details of US Water Pollution Control statutes, US policies regarding environmental protection, comparisons with statutory schemes in Central Asia and on methods of interest-based bargaining, the role of public law, the conditions for popular consent.

Mr. Barnes was lead negotiator and mediator in a public peace process, a dialogue between leading figures of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ngorno-Karabakh to resolve the ten-year dispute between the two former republics of the Soviet Union concerning the status of Ngorno-Karabakh, June, 1993-1997. This work involved several months of sessions over a four-year period, conducting negotiations in the USA and in Yerevan, Baku and Stepanakert or Tbilisi. The work required on-going negotiations with offices of the presidents of the three territories, foreign ministries, and U.S. embassies, to obtain and continue strong official support for the meetings and proposals of the three warring regions.


Public Peace Process: Armenia/Azerbaijan/Ngorno Karabakh: Mr. Barnes, with a team from the Foundation for Global Community, Palo Alto, CA, designed and implemented programs of policy analysis and negotiation for participants in the Public Peace Process, in Baku, in Yerevan, in California and in Tbilisi, Georgia 1993-97.

The Cold War: Barnes was Executive Editor, Breakthrough, Emerging New Thinking, ( 281 pp., Walker & Co., N.Y., and Progress Press, Moscow, USSR, 1988), a volume produced by extended negotiation among representatives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and a team of business and professional representatives from Silicon Valley and the Beyond War Foundation of Palo Alto, CA. Barnes led a combined team of 12 editors from opposite legal and philosophical traditions, encouraging contributors to break new, sometimes-personally-dangerous ground to mediate cold war doctrinal disputes, cajole polemicists such as Anatoly Gromyko (Soviet Editor-in-Chief) to think new, and to do this through the medium of sixty manuscripts, in two languages. The book eventually became the first successful, joint Soviet-US political work since 1917, was endorsed by General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, commended by Secretary of State George Shultz, and sold 100,000 copies in the two countries.

While residing in St. Petersburg for four months in Spring, 1990, Barnes instructed St. Petersburg industry and environmental organizations concerning installation of democratic practice.

He was a consultant to bi-lingual mediation training sessions for coal miners, union leaders, teachers and academics in Moscow, USSR, and Warsaw, Poland, March, 1990. He has also instructed leaders of the National Front, in Tbilisi, USSR, in concepts of mediation for use in disputes between political parties and ethnic groups and between Georgians and the Soviet Union, January, 1990.

Settlement Referee, First Judicial District Court, Santa Fe, N.M., 1992-95. Facilitator to settle numerous cases in litigation.

Hearing Examiner, State of Colorado, Board of Medical Examiners, 1979.

Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association, 1981.


Major areas of practice:
Civil Litigation:
Environmental/zoning disputes, water litigation, commercial contracts, condemnation, construction, insurance claims, real estate, injury claims, malpractice, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. He currently advises Russian business on contract issues in the American legal system.

Administrative Law:
Indian Housing Authority work before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Appearances and intervention before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the Price Commission of the United States, and the United States Senate on the general subject of utility regulation. Invited testimony before the United States House of Representatives on the issue of gender discrimination, comparable worth and measures for relief of ghettoized professions in the City of Denver. (Followed by appearance on the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, National Public Television, to debate the same.) Appearances before the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board, the Denver Career Service Board, the Denver Civil Service Commission, the Colorado Industrial Commission, and appearances before Santa Fe City Council and various Boards of County Commissioners on zoning questions. Principal author and proponent of the Colorado Sunshine Act, adopted by citizen initiative, 1972. Originator and first principal proponent of the "Sunset" concept enacted into law, 1976, (afterwards adopted by 34 states.) Appearance before the United States Senate to explain the concept of Sunset legislation, 1978.

Human Rights:
Co-counsel, plaintiffs, Denver school integration case, 1969-71, Keyes v. School District No. 1; the decision of the United States Supreme Court in this case extended the equal protection clause to northern schools and is commonly regarded as the high water mark of XIVth Amendment law as it applies to school desegregation; chief counsel, Lemons v. Denver, the first major comparable worth legislation in the area of gender discrimination in the United States, and numerous other cases involving minorities, women or elderly plaintiffs complaining of discrimination in employment. In 1978, in a case before the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a client was awarded the highest settlement in the history of the Commission.

Mr. Barnes has been correspondent with various members of Supreme Soviet of USSR, Supreme Soviet of Russian Republic and City Council of St. Petersburg concerning matters relating to human rights, open government, press freedoms, inter-faction conflict resolution.

Products Liability and Tort Law:
Litigation in many aspects of this general field.



In Search of the Lost Feminine; Decoding the Myths that Radically Reshaped Civilization, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, CO, 2006. An investigation into the women-centered cultures that preceded the patriarchal stories of Greek mythology, their demonization of the feminine and the early templates laid down for Western civilization.

Growing Up True, Lessons from a Western Boyhood, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, CO, 2001. A memoir of county fair, chickens and lambs in the kitchen and the values of the "greatest generation."

Executive Editor, Breakthrough, Emerging New Thinking, Walker Publishing, NY, and Progress Press, Moscow, 1988. An analysis of the probabilities of unintended nuclear war and possible alternate ways of thinking.


Book chapter:
"Denver: A Case Study," in The Law and the Expanding Nursing Role, Bullough, ed., Appleton Century Crofts, 2d ed, 1980, describing the struggle of Denver nurses for wage equality.

Essay writing:
Published author of critical analyses and social commentary, Los Angeles Times, Houston Post, Chicago Tribune, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain Journal, The New Mexican, The Salt Journal, Straight Creek Journal, Compact, People and Policy, etc., 1971-present. Weekly columnist, Rocky Mountain News, 1971-74


Trial lawyer:
School integration for Denver, Keyes v. School District No. 1, a landmark 14th Amendment case, 1969-71. Analyses of "takings" law for Extraterritorial Zoning Authority, Santa Fe County, 1993.

Democratic nominee for Congress, Denver, 1970, defeating 20-year incumbent in the primary.

Public speaking:
Speaking tours in many places in the U.S., West Germany (in German), and former Soviet Union on issues related to ending the Cold War.

CSB has been the subject of stories in Parade, Reader's Digest, Playboy, Washington Post, Washington Star, New York Times, CBS and NBC national news, and others.

Radio Commentary:
Commentator (weekly) on NPR's Denver and Albuquerque affiliates, 1980-82, and 2002.


Lobbyist and legal draftsman:
For Colorado Association of Commerce and industry, 1965-1968, before the Colorado legislature and U.S. Congress. Drafted and lobbied for numerous bills, some successfully, some not.

Principal bill draftsman:
Community Impact Analysis Ordinance, City of Santa Fe, 1993; Colorado Water Pollution Control Act, 1966; Colorado Sunshine Act, 1972; A Bill to Regulate Reservoirs (water law reform), 1969; A Bill to De-Regulate Trucking, 1977; and others.

Developed "Sunset" name and concept in 1975, later enacted by Colorado and over 30 states.

Designed, drafted and organized state-wide signature campaign for four initiatives dealing with severance and property tax, utility regulation, no-fault insurance and open and accountable government (Sunshine Act), 1971-72.


Administrative Law, Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Denver, 1977-79.

International Law, Instructor, D.U. College of Law, 1972.

International Affairs, Community College of Denver, North Campus, 1971-72.


J.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1962.

M.A. International Affairs, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford MA, 1959 (Woodrow Wilson Fellow).

B.A. Political Science, Stanford University, 1958.

Additional coursework: University of Rangoon, Burma, 1956; University of Strasbourg, France, 1965; University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies, 1968-69.

Russian: S-3, R-2.
German: S-3-4, R-3.

Management: 14
Relevant work: 12
Developing countries: 13

Europe: 12 years: Russia, Germany (military)
Asia: 8 months: Burma (University student)
NIS: 4 years: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Khirgystan

1996 to 1999, consultant on mediation, negotiation
1991 to 1996, Barnes & Barnes, senior partner
1983 to 1991, Vice President, Publications, Beyond War Foundation
1980 to 81 Barnes & Waggener, P.C., senior partner
1974 to 1980, Law Offices of Craig Barnes, P.C., senior partner
1968 to 74, Barnes & Jensen, partner
1965 to 68, Holland & Hart, associate


  1. Name: Craig S. Barnes
  2. Contractor's name:
  3. Employer's address: 96 Arroyo Hondo Rd, Santa Fe, NM, 87505
  4. Contract number:
  5. Position under contract:
  6. Proposed salary:
  7. Duration of assignment:
  8. Telephone number: 505-986-6080
  9. Place of birth: Denver, CO, USA
  10. Citizenship: USA
  11. Name, etc of dependents to accompany: None
  12. Education: J.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1962.
    M.A. International Affairs, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford MA, 1959 (Woodrow Wilson Fellow).
    B.A. Political Science, Stanford University, 1958.
  13. Language Proficiency:
    Russian: S-3, R-2.
    German: S-3-4, R-3.
  14. Employment history:
    1991 to 1995, Barnes & Barnes, senior partner: Salary: $90,000.
    Firm has been discontinued.
  15. Specific Consultant Services:
    1997: consultant to USAID: (International Programs Consortium). Salary: USAID maximum.
    Point of contact:
    Daily rate: $
  16. Certification: To the best of my knowledge, the above facts as stated are true and correct:

Craig S. Barnes
May 2, 2000